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Okuda, 1937

Prostomium anteriorly rounded, with four eyes and a tiny median antenna, posteriorly with a caruncle reaching the third segment. Two long palps present.
First notopodium usually without chaetae.
Fifth chaetiger with modified chaetae in two U-shaped rows: the inner row with 10-14 simple blunt chaetae; the outer row with 8-14 thick chaetae with slender curved tips and subdistal constrictions.
8th and following neuropodia with 6-10 hooded hooks (P. paucibranchiata-detail).
Gills from chaetiger 7 to 15-35.
Pygidium with dorsally incised funnel.

Up to 12 mm for 60 segments.

Living animal pale yellow to white.

In the Oslofjord on mud, 15-25m deep.

Oslofjord, North and South Pacific.

Polydora paucibranchiata