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Westheide, 1965

Body very small consisting of seven segments.
Prostomium rounded, without eyes. Antennae and palps absent. Post-peristomial and one posterior segment without parapodia. Prostomium, peristomium and each segment with a complete ring of cilia.
Parapodium subcylindrical, with one acicula. A conical dorsal cirrus present. No ventral cirri. Each parapodia with three simple finely toothed hooks; compound chaetae absent (P. psammophilus-parapodium).
Pygidium oval, with a small median cirrus and two minute papillae.
Mandibles and maxillae absent.

Up to 0.75 mm for seven segments.

Milky white, sometimes with the greenish intestine visible.

Found interstitially in intertidal sand.

North Sea and eastern Atlantic (Arcachon).

Females with one egg. Males unknown.

Parapodrilus psammophilus