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Oersted, 1843

Body long, slender, vermiform, tapering at each end, with a continuous ventral groove. All segments with fine annulations.
Prostomium conical, longer than wide, extending in a finger-like median process, that is slightly swollen at its tip.
Parapodia with small prechaetal lobes and small ventral cirri. Gills starting at chaetiger 2, absent in the last 2-3 chaetigers. Gills long and cirriform.
The anus is surmounted by a spoon-shaped hood, open ventrally, whose margin is fringed posteriorly with 8-10 little finger-like processes. Within the hood, there are two large anal papillae with a single long cirrus inbetween.

Up to 60 mm for 50 segments.

Yellowish to pearly grey with bright red gills.

On sand or mud, eulittoral to 1500 m.

North Sea to Öresund, whole northern hemisphere, South Africa, New Caledonia, Australia.

Ophelina acuminata