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McIntosh, 1908

Body spindle-shaped. Anterior body part cylindrical, posterior part with a ventral furrow and two lateral ones, starting at chaetiger 7-8. Segments with 4-6 superficial annulations.
Prostomium very small, conical, with 3 small eyes and 2 nuchal slits.
Anterior 11 chaetigers without gills; the 9 following chaetigers with gills. Posterior 4 chaetigers without gills. Gills are finger-shaped.
Noto- and neuropodia small rounded lobes. 7-10 pairs of gills, starting at chaetiger 4 or 5, absent in the last 4-6 chaetigers. All chaetae smooth capillaries, the posterior ones very long.
Pygidium with a single thick papilla and dorsal circle of 4-10 much smaller papillae.

Up to 8 mm for 25 chaetigers.

Whitish, transparent.

On sand, eulittoral to 12 m.

North Sea to Baltic Sea, Northeast Atlantic.

Ophelia rathkei