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Arwidsson, 1906

Prostomium relatively short, with many ocelli. Dorsally between the prostomium and peristomium is a small groove. Nuchal slits relatively long, weakly bent or S-shaped.
23 chaetigers. Anterior chaetigers with glandular bands, anterior to the parapodia; in posterior segments glandular areas around the parapodia. Posterior segments with additional dorsal glandular areas.
Notopodial chaetae in anterior part of the body smooth and winged, posteriorly they are finly denticulate. Additionally, there are 1-2 very long, finely denticulate chaetae from 19-23th segment onwards. Anterior 3 neuropodia with a thick spines. Following neuropodia with hooks. 1 posterior segment without chaetae (N. minor-detail). Pygidium funnel-shaped, circular, with 18-23 irregular cirri.

Up to 70 mm for 23 chaetigers.

Meandering, on light structure one layer of sand.

Anterior body more or less clearly stained brown.

From the sublittoral between 3 and 113 m.

Arctic, North Pacific, western Norway, Bay of Kiel.

Nicomache minor