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Fauchald, 1974

Prostomium conical, as long as wide. Peristomium twice as long as following segments.
Parapodium with a broadly rounded prechaetal lobe; postchaetal lobe longer, triangular; both lobes are slightly obliquely upwards directed in posterior parapodia. First 20 parapodia with winged capillary chaetae and compound multidentate hooded hooks. Rest of parapodia with winged capillary chaetae and/or simple hooded hooks. Aciculae black.
Mandibles Y-shaped, with very slender posterior ends. Maxillae I: hooked; maxillae II: 4 teeth each; maxillae III: 2 teeth each; maxillae IV: unidentate.

Incomplete specimen with 63 chaetigers 30 mm long.


In coarse sand, broken shells, rocks, slag, and mixtures of these at depths from 100 m to 300 m.

Hardanger Fjord, Norway.

Lumbrineris agastos