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Saint-Joseph, 1894

Thorax with 8-9, abdomen with up to 31 chaetigers.
Peristomium with two eyes. Two thick palps.
8-12 pairs of radioli with side-branches and 4-6 without; basally connected by a low membrane. Most radioli distally, often also subdistally with leaf-like lamellae.
Collar with mid-dorsal groove and without ventral cleft.
Shorter thoracic notopodial chaetae are spatulate, the hood being 3 times as long as wide. The hooked thoracic uncini with long shafts.
Abdominal uncini are almost S-shaped and generically characteristic (J. elegans-chaetae ).
Pygidium without eyes.

Up to 20 mm.

Membranous, encrusted with mud.

Body light brown or greenish with a greenish crown.

In kelp holdfasts, crevices and shell-gravel.

Eastern Atlantic to Angola, Mediterranean, English Channel and southern North Sea.

Jasmineira elegans