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(McIntosh, 1869)

Body short, thick anteriorly, with secondary rings. Tentacular ridge and upper lip fused, parallel, much folded. Lower lip inconspicuous. Tentacles numerous, comprised of very short thick, grooved ones and thin cylindrical ones.
Gills absent.
Ventral furrow along anterior part with a number of distinct, narrow ventral shields. Round, short projections with central papillae on segments 6-8, smaller ones on segments 4 and 5.
Pygidium with two papillae.

Up to 50 mm long.


In alcohol greyish brown or greyish mauve.

On mud, more or less mixed with sand or stones; 20-300 m.

Antarctic, Subantarctic Islands, Shetland, southern Norway to the Trondheimfjord, Tromsö, Kattegat.

Hauchiella tribullata