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Marion & Bobretzky, 1875

Body small and thin.
Prostomium semicircular with four eyes in a trapezoid arrangement and usually two ocelli. Palps as long as the prostomium. Median antenna at least twice as long as the palps and longer than the lateral antennae. Lateral antennae longer than the palps and without a distinct annulation.
Dorsal tentacular cirri longer than the median antenna; ventral tentacular cirri much shorter. Tentacular cirri and dorsal cirri without distinct annulation. Ventral cirri present, with 2-4 aciculae. Blades of compound chaetae moderately long, bidentate. Presence of simple chaetae unknown. Pharynx with 10 papillae (E. lamelligera-detail).

Body up to 15 mm long for 53 segments.

Yellow-white, transparent or with orange colours, with faint intersegmental lines between the basis of the dorsal cirri and the surface of the parapodia. Pharynx brown. Phosphorescent.

North Atlantic up to the Mediterranean, English Channel up to Straight of Dover.

Eusyllis lamelligera