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Fauchald, 1972

Prostomium bluntly conical with two longitudinal grooves dorsally; no eyes. The peristomium and apodous segment longer than the following chaetigers.
Parapodium with a short, rounded prechaetal lobe; postchaetal lobe also short, conical. Two to three slender aciculae, and one stout projecting acicula in the neuropodium. Winged chaetae.
Mandibles absent. Maxillary carriers long, slender, fused for one-tenth of their length anteriorly. Median unpaired piece paddle-shaped, with the wide end anteriorly. Maxillae I: symmetrical hooked, forceps with 7 teeth at base; maxillae II: strongly hooked, with 5 teeth on each maxilla including the big anterior hook; maxillae III, IV, V: unidentate.

Incomplete specimen with 149 chaetigers 40 mm long.


In coarse sand, slag, mud and on rocks from 230 to 640 m and on Brisaster fragilis .

Sognefjorden, West Norway.

Drilonereis brattstroemi