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Malmgren, 1867

Body thin and cylindrical.
8 Thoracic and about 70 abdominal segments.
5-8 pairs of radioli. Each half of the crown webbed for about two-thirds of length. Each side with eight radioli with long filamentous tips. Dorsal radioli have enlarged side-branches basally. Three tentacular filaments without side-branches ventrally.
Two short, rounded palps. Eyes absent.
Collar without dorsal gap; set low on first segment; base of crown showing well above collar margins.
Thoracic chaetae are long, winged capillaries and short spatulate chaetae. Neuropodia with hooks.
Abdominal neuropodial chaetae are thin, winged capillaries; abdominal notochaetae are uncini (C. duneri-detail).
Pygidium without papillae.

Up to 17 mm.

Thin, encrusted with sand.


On rock, sand or mud, between stones and seaweeds. Upper sublittoral to 1500 m.

Öresund, Skagerrak, Oslofjord, Shetlands, western Ireland.

Chone duneri