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Malmgren, 1867

A scale-worm with a body of uniform width. Dorsal and ventral surfaces smooth.
Prostomium bilobed with a peak on each lobe, median and lateral antennae papillate and a pair of palps. Two pairs of eyes, the anterior pair on the line of greatest width, the posterior pair in front of the rear margin. First segment bearing chaetae and a pair of dorsal and ventral tentacular cirri.
Scales overlap covering the body. Scales are oval to round, the outer lateral and posterior margins fringed with papillae, the surfaces covered with small conical and rosette tubercles and a few papillae. Notopodia are small mounds with a ventral acicular ligule and numerous chaetae. Notopodial chaetae stout with rows of spines and blunt tips. Neuropodia are well developed with an anterodorsal ligule and chaetae in rows. Neuropodial chaetae slender of 2 kinds: 1) upper group, long spear-shaped tip with spines; 2) middle and lower groups with shorter spear-shaped tips without
(A. finmarchica-parapodium).

Up to 70 mm for 39 chaetigers.

Brown scales. Colour of living animal unknown.

Over 200 m.

Originally described from off Tromsö, northern Norway. Reported from the British Isles and the Skagerrak.

This is a doubtful species, described from Norway but now used by British authors only. If it is a valid species, it should probably be in the genus Bylgides .

Antinoe finmarchica