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Prostomium/peristomium with two long and grooved palps. Parapodia consist of low mounts with big postchaetal lamellae.

The following taxa of this order occur in the region:

Genus Aonides
Family Apistobranchidae
Genus Apistobranchus
Genus Laonice
Genus Malacoceros
Genus Marenzelleria
Genus Microspio
Family Poecilochaetidae
Genus Poecilochaetus
Genus Polydora
Genus Prionospio
Genus Pygospio
Genus Scolelepis
Genus Spio
Family Spionidae
Genus Spiophanes
Genus Streblospio
Genus Trochochaeta
Family Trochochaetidae
Aonides oxycephala
Aonides paucibranchiata
Apistobranchus tenuis
Apistobranchus tullbergi
Laonice bahusiensis
Laonice cirrata
Laonice sarsi
Malacoceros fuliginosus
Malacoceros tetracerus
Malacoceros vulgaris
Marenzelleria viridis
Marenzelleria wireni
Microspio mecznikowianus
Poecilochaetus serpens
Polydora antennata
Polydora caeca
Polydora caulleryi
Polydora ciliata
Polydora cornuta
Polydora flava
Polydora giardi
Polydora hermaphroditica
Polydora hoplura
Polydora ligerica
Polydora limicola
Polydora paucibranchiata
Polydora pulchra
Polydora quadrilobata
Polydora socialis
Prionospio banyulensis
Prionospio cirrifera
Prionospio fallax
Prionospio multibranchiata
Prionospio plumosa
Prionospio steenstrupi
Pygospio elegans
Scolelepis bonnieri
Scolelepis cantabra
Scolelepis foliosa
Scolelepis korsuni
Scolelepis squamata
Scolelepis tridentata
Spio filicornis
Spio goniocephala
Spio martinensis
Spiophanes bombyx
Spiophanes kroeyeri
Spiophanes urceolata
Streblospio benedicti
Trochochaeta multisetosa

Order Spionida