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The annelids or 'true' worms form a major animal group, typically of elongated cylindrical shape and mostly ranging in length from 10 mm to 150 mm. The body is characteristically made up of a series of ring-like segments, indicated externally by annular constrictions. The relatively simple gut normally passes down the body from an anterior subterminal mouth to a posterior terminal anus. The first segment (prostomium) is situated above and in front of the mouth, the second (buccal segment or peristomium) surrounds it and the last (pygidium) encircles the anus. The segments in between primitively more or less resemble each other, each containing a similar complement of organs.

After: Hayward and Ryland, 1990.

The following taxa of this phylum occur in the region:

Genus Abyssoninoe
Genus Acanthicolepis
Genus Antinoe
Family Acoetidae
Family Acrocirridae
Genus Adyte
Genus Aglaophamus
Genus Alciopa
Family Alciopidae
Genus Alentia
Genus Alkmaria
Genus Amaeana
Genus Amage
Genus Amblyosyllis
Genus Ampharete
Family Ampharetidae
Subfamily Ampharetinae
Genus Amphicteis
Genus Amphiglena
Order Amphinomida
Family Amphinomidae
Genus Amphitrite
Genus Amphitritides
Genus Amythasides
Genus Anobothrus
Genus Aonides
Genus Aphelochaeta
Genus Aphrodita
Family Aphroditidae
Superfamily Aphroditoidea
Genus Aphropharynx
Family Apistobranchidae
Genus Apistobranchus
Genus Apomatus
Genus Arenicola
Family Arenicolidae
Genus Arenicolides
Genus Arenotrocha
Genus Aricidea
Genus Artacama
Subfamily Artacaminae
Genus Asclerocheilus
Genus Austrolaenilla
Subfamily Autolytinae
Genus Autolytus
Genus Axionice
Genus Baldia
Genus Bathychaetus
Genus Bispira
Genus Brada
Genus Branchiomma
Genus Brania
Genus Calamyzas
Subfamily Calamyzinae
Genus Capitella
Order Capitellida
Family Capitellidae
Genus Caulleriella
Genus Ceratocephale
Genus Chaetoparia
Order Chaetopterida
Family Chaetopteridae
Genus Chaetopterus
Genus Chaetozone
Genus Chirimia
Genus Chitinopoma
Genus Chone
Family Chrysopetalidae
Genus Circeis
Order Cirratulida
Family Cirratulidae
Genus Cirratulus
Genus Cirriformia
Genus Cirrophorus
Genus Clymenella
Genus Clymenura
Subfamily Clymenurinae
Genus Commensodorum
Genus Cossura
Order Cossurida
Family Cossuridae
Order Ctenodrilida
Family Ctenodrilidae
Subfamily Ctenodrilinae
Genus Ctenodrilus
Genus Dasybranchus
Genus Dinophilus
Genus Diplaconotum
Genus Diplocirrus
Genus Ditrupa
Family Diurodrilidae
Genus Diurodrilus
Genus Dodecaceria
Genus Dorvillea
Family Dorvilleidae
Genus Drilonereis
Genus Dysponetus
Genus Eclysippe
Genus Enipo
Genus Ephesiella
Genus Eteone
Genus Euchone
Genus Euclymene
Subfamily Euclymeninae
Genus Eucranta
Genus Eulalia
Genus Eumida
Genus Eunice
Order Eunicida
Family Eunicidae
Superfamily Eunicoidea
Genus Euphrosine
Family Euphrosinidae
Genus Eupolymnia
Subfamily Eurysyllinae
Genus Eurysyllis
Subfamily Eusyllinae
Genus Eusyllis
Genus Euzonus
Genus Exogone
Subfamily Exogoninae
Genus Fabricia
Genus Fabriciola
Genus Ficopomatus
Genus Filograna
Genus Flabelligera
Order Flabelligerida
Family Flabelligeridae
Genus Gattyana
Genus Glycera
Family Glyceridae
Superfamily Glyceroidae
Genus Glycinde
Genus Goniada
Genus Goniadella
Family Goniadidae
Subfamily Gymnonereidinae
Genus Gyptis
Genus Haematocleptes
Genus Harmothoe
Genus Hauchiella
Genus Hermodice
Genus Hermonia
Family Hesionidae
Genus Hesionides
Subfamily Hesioninae
Genus Hesionura
Genus Heteromastus
Genus Histriobdella
Family Histriobdellidae
Genus Hyalinoecia
Subfamily Hyalinoecinae
Genus Hydroides
Genus Hypania
Genus Iphitime
Genus Isocirrus
Genus Janua
Genus Jasmineira
Genus Josephella
Genus Jugaria
Genus Kefersteinia
Genus Laetmonice
Genus Lanassa
Genus Lanice
Genus Laonice
Genus Laonome
Genus Lepidonotus
Genus Levinsenia
Genus Lipobranchus
Genus Lumbriclymene
Subfamily Lumbriclymeninae
Family Lumbrineridae
Genus Lumbrineris
Genus Lysilla
Genus Lysippe
Genus Lysippides
Genus Macrochaeta
Genus Magelona
Order Magelonida
Family Magelonidae
Genus Malacoceros
Genus Maldane
Family Maldanidae
Subfamily Maldaninae
Genus Manayunkia
Genus Marenzelleria
Genus Marphysa
Genus Mediomastus
Genus Meganerilla
Genus Melinna
Subfamily Melinninae
Genus Microclymene
Subfamily Microphthalminae
Genus Microphthalmus
Genus Microspio
Genus Mugga
Genus Myriochele
Genus Mystides
Genus Myxicola
Genus Naineris
Genus Neoamphitrite
Genus Neoleanira
Genus Neopolynoe
Family Nephtyidae
Superfamily Nephtyoidea
Genus Nephtys
Family Nereididae
Subfamily Nereidinae
Superfamily Nereidoidea
Genus Nereimyra
Genus Nereiphylla
Genus Nereis
Genus Nerilla
Family Nerillidae
Genus Nerillidium
Genus Nicolea
Genus Nicomache
Subfamily Nicomachinae
Genus Notaulax
Genus Nothria
Genus Notomastus
Genus Notophyllum
Genus Octobranchus
Genus Odontosyllis
Family Oenonidae
Family Onuphidae
Subfamily Onuphinae
Genus Ophelia
Order Opheliida
Family Opheliidae
Subfamily Opheliinae
Genus Ophelina
Subfamily Ophelininae
Genus Ophiodromus
Genus Ophryotrocha
Genus Opisthodonta
Genus Orbinia
Order Orbiniida
Family Orbiniidae
Subfamily Orbiniinae
Genus Ougia
Genus Owenia
Order Oweniida
Family Oweniidae
Genus Paleaonotus
Genus Panthalis
Genus Paradexiospira
Genus Paradiopatra
Genus Paramphinome
Genus Paramphitrite
Genus Paranaitis
Genus Paranerilla
Family Paraonidae
Genus Paraonis
Genus Parapodrilus
Family Parergodrilidae
Genus Pareurythoe
Genus Parophryotrocha
Genus Parougia
Genus Pectinaria
Family Pectinariidae
Genus Perinereis
Genus Petaloproctus
Genus Petta
Genus Pherusa
Genus Pholoe
Family Pholoidae
Genus Phyllochaetopterus
Genus Phyllodoce
Order Phyllodocida
Family Phyllodocidae
Superfamily Phyllodocoidea
Family Pilargidae
Genus Pionosyllis
Genus Pirakia
Genus Pisione
Family Pisionidae
Genus Pista
Genus Pistella
Genus Placostegus
Genus Platynereis
Genus Podarkeopsis
Family Poecilochaetidae
Genus Poecilochaetus
Class Polychaeta
Subfamily Polycirrinae
Genus Polycirrus
Genus Polydora
Family Polygordiidae
Genus Polygordius
Genus Polynoe
Family Polynoidae
Genus Polyphysia
Genus Pomatoceros
Genus Potamilla
Genus Praxillella
Genus Praxillura
Genus Prionospio
Genus Proceraea
Genus Procerastea
Genus Proclea
Genus Proclymene
Genus Protodorvillea
Order Protodrilida
Family Protodrilidae
Genus Protodriloides
Family Protodriloididae
Genus Protodrilus
Genus Protomystides
Genus Protula
Order Psammodrilida
Family Psammodrilidae
Genus Psammodrilus
Genus Pseudomystides
Genus Pseudopotamilla
Genus Pusillotrocha
Genus Pygospio
Genus Raricirrus
Subfamily Rhaphidrilinae
Genus Rhodine
Subfamily Rhodininae
Genus Sabella
Genus Sabellaria
Order Sabellariida
Family Sabellariidae
Order Sabellida
Family Sabellidae
Genus Sabellides
Subfamily Sabellinae
Genus Salmacina
Genus Samytha
Genus Scalibregma
Family Scalibregmatidae
Genus Scolelepis
Genus Scoloplos
Genus Serpula
Family Serpulidae
Subfamily Serpulinae
Genus Sigalion
Family Sigalionidae
Genus Sige
Genus Sosane
Genus Sosanopsis
Family Sphaerodoridae
Genus Sphaerodoridium
Genus Sphaerodoropsis
Genus Sphaerodorum
Genus Sphaerosyllis
Genus Spinther
Order Spintherida
Family Spintheridae
Genus Spio
Genus Spiochaetopterus
Order Spionida
Family Spionidae
Genus Spiophanes
Subfamily Spirorbinae
Genus Spirorbis
Order Sternaspida
Family Sternaspidae
Genus Sternaspis
Genus Sthenelais
Genus Streblosoma
Genus Streblospio
Genus Streptosyllis
Genus Stygocapitella
Family Syllidae
Genus Syllides
Genus Syllidia
Subfamily Syllinae
Genus Syllis
Subfamily Synelminae
Genus Synelmis
Order Terebellida
Family Terebellidae
Genus Terebellides
Subfamily Terebellinae
Genus Thalassochaetus
Genus Tharyx
Subfamily Thelepodinae
Genus Thelepus
Family Tomopteridae
Genus Tomopteris
Genus Travisia
Subfamily Travisiinae
Family Trichobranchidae
Genus Trichobranchus
Genus Trilobodrilus
Genus Trochochaeta
Family Trochochaetidae
Genus Troglochaetus
Genus Typosyllis
Genus Websterinereis
Abyssoninoe hibernica
Acanthicolepis asperrima
Adyte pellucida
Aglaophamus malmgreni
Aglaophamus rubella
Alciopa reynaudii
Alentia gelatinosa
Alkmaria romijni
Amaeana trilobata
Amage auricula
Amblyosyllis formosa
Ampharete acutifrons
Ampharete baltica
Ampharete falcata
Ampharete finmarchica
Ampharete goesi
Ampharete lindstroemi
Amphicteis gunneri
Amphicteis midas
Amphicteis sundevalli
Amphiglena mediterranea
Amphitrite cirrata
Amphitritides gracilis
Amythasides macroglossus
Anobothrus gracilis
Antinoe finmarchica
Aonides oxycephala
Aonides paucibranchiata
Aphelochaeta marioni
Aphelochaeta multibranchis
Aphelochaeta vivipara
Aphrodita aculeata
Aphropharynx heterochaeta
Apistobranchus tenuis
Apistobranchus tullbergi
Apomatus similis
Arenicola marina
Arenicolides ecaudata
Arenotrocha minuta
Aricidea albatrossae
Aricidea catherinae
Aricidea cerrutii
Aricidea minuta
Aricidea simonae
Aricidea suecica
Artacama proboscidea
Asclerocheilus intermedius
Austrolaenilla mollis
Autolytus alexandri
Autolytus brachycephalus
Autolytus edwarsi
Autolytus inermis
Autolytus langerhansi
Autolytus longeferiens
Autolytus prolifer
Autolytus quinquedecimdentatus
Autolytus rubrolineatus
Autolytus rubropunctatus
Axionice maculata
Baldia johnstoni
Bathychaetus heptapous
Bispira crassicornis
Bispira volutacornis
Brada inhabilis
Brada villosa
Branchiomma bombyx
Branchiomma inconspicua
Brania limbata
Brania pusilla
Bylgides elegans
Bylgides groenlandicus
Bylgides sarsi
Calamyzas amphictenicola
Capitella capitata
Capitella giardi
Capitella minima
Caulleriella alata
Caulleriella bioculata
Caulleriella caput-esocis
Caulleriella parva
Caulleriella serrata
Ceratocephale loveni
Chaetoparia nilssoni
Chaetopterus variopedatus
Chaetozone setosa
Chirimia biceps
Chitinopoma serrula
Chone duneri
Chone fauveli
Chone filicaudata
Chone longocirrata
Circeis armoricana
Circeis spirillum
Cirratulus cirratus
Cirratulus filiformis
Cirriformia tentaculata
Cirrophorus armatus
Cirrophorus eliasoni
Cirrophorus lyra
Clymenella cincta
Clymenella torquata
Clymenura lankesteri
Commensodorum commensalis
Cossura longocirrata
Ctenodrilus serratus
Dasybranchus caducus
Dinophilus gyrociliatus
Dinophilus taeniatus
Diplaconotum paucidentatum
Diplocirrus glaucus
Ditrupa arietina
Diurodrilus minimus
Diurodrilus subterraneus
Dodecaceria concharum
Dorvillea erucaeformis
Drilonereis brattstroemi
Drilonereis filum
Dysponetus caecus
Dysponetus paleophorus
Eclysippe vanelli
Enipo elisabethae
Enipo kinbergi
Ephesiella peripatus
Eteone barbata
Eteone flava
Eteone foliosa
Eteone fucata
Eteone longa
Eteone picta
Eteone spetsbergensis
Eteone suecica
Euchone analis
Euchone papillosa
Euchone rubrocincta
Euclymene droebachiensis
Euclymene lindrothi
Euclymene oerstedi
Euclymene robusta
Eucranta villosa
Eulalia bilineata
Eulalia clavigera
Eulalia expusilla
Eulalia hanssoni
Eulalia mustela
Eulalia tjalfiensis
Eulalia tripunctata
Eulalia viridis
Eumida arctica
Eumida bahusiensis
Eumida ockelmanni
Eumida sanguinea
Eunice dubitata
Eunice norvegica
Eunice pennata
Eunoe nodosa
Euphrosine armadillo
Euphrosine borealis
Euphrosine foliosa
Eupolymnia nebulosa
Eupolymnia nesidensis
Eurysyllis tuberculata
Eusyllis assimilis
Eusyllis blomstrandi
Eusyllis lamelligera
Euzonus flabelligerus
Exogone furcifera
Exogone hebes
Exogone naidina
Exogone verugera
Fabricia stellaris
Fabriciola baltica
Ficopomatus enigmaticus
Filograna implexa
Flabelligera affinis
Gattyana amondseni
Gattyana cirrosa
Glycera alba
Glycera capitata
Glycera gigantea
Glycera lapidum
Glycera rouxii
Glycera tesselata
Glycera tridactyla
Glycera unicornis
Glycinde nordmanni
Goniada maculata
Goniada norvegica
Goniada pallida
Goniadella bobretzkii
Gyptis mackiei
Gyptis propinqua
Gyptis rosea
Haematocleptes terebellidis
Harmothoe antilopes
Harmothoe aspera
Harmothoe borealis
Harmothoe extenuata
Harmothoe fragilis
Harmothoe imbricata
Harmothoe impar
Harmothoe pagenstecheri
Harmothoe spinifera
Harmothoe viridis
Hauchiella tribullata
Hermodice carunculata
Hermonia hystrix
Hesionides arenaria
Hesionides maxima
Hesionura elongata
Heteromastus filiformis
Histriobdella homari
Hyalinoecia tubicola
Hydroides elegans
Hydroides norvegica
Hypania invalida
Iphitime hartmanae
Isocirrus planiceps
Janua brasiliensis
Janua pagenstecheri
Jasmineira candela
Jasmineira elegans
Josephella marenzelleri
Jugaria granulata
Kefersteinia cirrata
Laetmonice filicornis
Lanassa venusta
Lanice conchilega
Laonice bahusiensis
Laonice cirrata
Laonice sarsi
Laonome kroeyeri
Lepidonotus clava
Lepidonotus squamatus
Leucia nivea
Levinsenia gracilis
Lipobranchus jeffreysii
Lumbriclymene cylindricauda
Lumbriclymene minor
Lumbrineris agastos
Lumbrineris aniara
Lumbrineris fragilis
Lumbrineris gracilis
Lumbrineris latreilli
Lumbrineris magnidentata
Lumbrineris tetraura
Lysilla loveni
Lysippe labiata
Lysippides fragilis
Macrochaeta bansei
Macrochaeta clavicornis
Macrochaeta helgolandica
Macrochaeta polyonyx
Magelona alleni
Magelona filiformis
Magelona minuta
Magelona mirabilis
Malacoceros fuliginosus
Malacoceros tetracerus
Malacoceros vulgaris
Maldane arctica
Maldane sarsi
Malmgrenia andreapolis
Malmgrenia arenicolae
Malmgrenia castanea
Malmgrenia furcosetosa
Malmgrenia glabra
Malmgrenia ljungmani
Malmgrenia lunulata
Malmgrenia marphysae
Malmgrenia mcintoshi
Manayunkia aestuarina
Marenzelleria viridis
Marenzelleria wireni
Marphysa sanguinea
Mediomastus fragilis
Meganerilla swedmarki
Melinna cristata
Melinna elisabethae
Microclymene acirrata
Microphthalmus aberrans
Microphthalmus bifurcatus
Microphthalmus fragilis
Microphthalmus listensis
Microphthalmus sczelkowii
Microphthalmus similis
Microspio mecznikowianus
Mugga wahrbergi
Myriochele danielsseni
Myriochele oculata
Mystides caeca
Mystides southerni
Myxicola infundibulum
Naineris quadricuspida
Neoamphitrite affinis
Neoamphitrite figulus
Neoamphitrite grayi
Neoamphitrite groenlandica
Neoleanira tetragona
Neopolynoe paradoxa
Nephtys assimilis
Nephtys caeca
Nephtys ciliata
Nephtys cirrosa
Nephtys hombergii
Nephtys hystricis
Nephtys incisa
Nephtys kersivalensis
Nephtys longosetosa
Nephtys paradoxa
Nephtys pente
Nephtys pulchra
Nereimyra punctata
Nereiphylla lutea
Nereis diversicolor
Nereis elitoralis
Nereis fucata
Nereis irrorata
Nereis longissima
Nereis pelagica
Nereis succinea
Nereis virens
Nereis zonata
Nerilla antennata
Nerillidium gracile
Nerillidium marinum
Nerillidium troglochaetoides
Nicolea venustula
Nicolea zostericola
Nicomache lumbricalis
Nicomache minor
Nicomache personata
Nicomache trispinata
Notaulax rectangulata
Nothria conchylega
Notomastus latericeus
Notophyllum americanum
Notophyllum foliosum
Octobranchus floriceps
Odontosyllis ctenosoma
Odontosyllis fulgurans
Odontosyllis gibba
Ophelia limacina
Ophelia rathkei
Ophelina abranchiata
Ophelina acuminata
Ophelina cylindricaudata
Ophelina minima
Ophelina modesta
Ophelina norvegica
Ophiodromus flexuosus
Ophryotrocha dubia
Ophryotrocha gerlachi
Ophryotrocha geryonicola
Ophryotrocha gracilis
Ophryotrocha hartmanni
Ophryotrocha longidentata
Ophryotrocha maculata
Ophryotrocha puerilis
Ophryotrocha socialis

Phylum Annelida