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Multicellular, acoelomate animals, which are flattened dorso-ventrally and are bilaterally symmetrical and have the epidermis and gut separated by a solid mass of tissue.

Source: Prudhoe, 1982.

The following taxa of this phylum occur in the region:

Class Turbellaria
Order Polycladida
Suborder Acotylea
Superfamily Cestoplanoidea
Family Cestoplanidae
Genus Cestoplana
Superfamily Planoceroidea
Family Leptoplanidae
Genus Leptoplana
Genus Notoplana
Genus Stylochoplana
Family Planoceridae
Genus Planocera
Superfamily Stylochoidea
Family Cryptocelididae
Genus Cryptocelis
Family Plehniidae
Genus Discocelides
Family Polyposthiidae
Genus Cryptocelides
Genus Polyposthia
Suborder Cotylea
Family Euryleptidae
Genus Cycloporus
Genus Eurylepta
Genus Oligocladus
Genus Prostheceraeus
Genus Stylostomum
Order Seriata
Suborder Tricladida
Infraorder Maricola
Family Procerodidae
Genus Micropharynx
Genus Procerodes
Genus Sabussowia
Family Uteriporidae
Genus Foviella
Genus Uteriporus
Cestoplana rubrocincta
Cryptocelides loveni
Cryptocelis equiheni
Cycloporus maculatus
Cycloporus papillosus
Discocelides langi
Eurylepta cornuta
Foviella affinis
Leptoplana schizoporellae
Leptoplana tremellaris
Micropharynx parasitica
Notoplana atomata
Oligocladus sanguinolentus
Planocera folium
Polyposthia similis
Procerodes littoralis
Prostheceraeus vittatus
Sabussowia dioica
Stylochoplana maculata
Stylostomum ellipse
Uteriporus vulgaris

Phylum Platyhelminthes