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Synonym of Ramphogordius sanguineus (Rathke, 1799)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Fasciola rubra Müller, 1774
Fasciola viridis Müller, 1774
Planaria sanguinea Rathke, 1799
Gordius oculatus Montagu, 1802
Lineus oculatus Montagu, 1808
Planaria rufa Montagu, 1808
Lineus rufus Montagu, 1808
Planaria fusca Montagu, 1808
Planaria unicolor Johnston, 1827-28
Planaria bioculata Johnston, 1828-29
Planaria octoculata Johnston, 1828-29
Nemertes Borlasia octoculata Johnston, 1837
Nemertes Borlasia olivacea Johnston, 1837
Nemertes Borlasia purpurea Johnston, 1837
Borlasia unicolor Johnston, 1846
Borlasia octoculata Thompson, 1846
Borlasia olivacea Thompson, 1846
Borlasia purpurea Thompson, 1846
Gordius gesserensis Dalyell, 1853
Gordius minor viridis Dalyell, 1853
Nemertes octoculata Byerley, 1854
Borlasia gesserensis Johnston, 1865
Lineus viridis Johnston, 1865
Borlasia purpurea McIntosh, 1867
Lineus gesserensis McIntosh, 1873-74
Lineus obscurus Riches, 1893
Lineus ruber Southern, 1908
Lineus sanguineus McIntosh, 1873-74

Lineus sanguineus