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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Lineus longissimus (Gunnerus, 1770)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Sea Long Worm Borlase, 1758
Ascaris longissima Gunnerus, 1770
Gordius marinus Montagu, 1804
Nemertes borlasii Griffith, 1834
Borlasia longissimus Templeton, 1836
Nemertes gracilis Goodsir, 1845
Lineus gracilis Johnston, 1846
Gordius maximus Dalyell, 1853
Borlasia nigra Byerley, 1854
Nemertes borlassii Beattie, 1858
Borlasia striata Johnston, 1865
Lineus lineatus Johnston, 1865
Lineus murenoides Johnston, 1865
Lineus fasciatus Johnston, 1865
Lineus marinus Montagu, 1808
Lineus (Gordius) marinus Evans, 1909
Lineus longissimus Sowerby, 1806

Lineus longissimus