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(Johnston, 1828-29)

Procephalothrix filiformis is up to about 15 cm long and 1 mm or
more wide. The long bluntly pointed head is generally white or translucent, the remainder of the body a yellowish-white to orange colour which is often darker in the posterior half of the body.
Anatomically very similar to species of the genus Cephalothrix , Procephalothrix filiformis can be distinguished by the way it contracts in a tight spiral when disturbed. Internally the inner circular muscle fibres associated with the foregut region separate the species from members of the genus Cephalothrix . There is no nerve layer present between the epidermal basement membrane and the outer body wall circular muscle layer. Sexually mature specimens have been found in February.

The species is found beneath stones in muddy areas or buried in muddy gravel from the mid-shore level down to depths of 40 m or more.

The geographic distribution is restricted to the British Isles and the coast of France.

Procephalothrix filiformis