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Body worm-like. Proboscis armed with one or more stylets; intestine straight, mostly with paired lateral diverticula; no posterior ventral sucker.

Source: Gibson, 1982.

The following taxa of this order occur in the region:

Suborder Monostilifera
Family Amphiporidae
Genus Amphiporus
Family Carcinonemertidae
Genus Carcinonemertes
Family Cratenemertidae
Genus Nipponnemertes
Family Emplectonematidae
Genus Emplectonema
Genus Nemertopsis
Genus Oerstedia
Genus Tetrastemma
Amphiporus bioculatus
Amphiporus cordiceps
Amphiporus hastatus
Amphiporus lactifloreus
Carcinonemertes carcinophila
Emplectonema gracile
Emplectonema neesii
Nemertopsis flavida
Nipponnemertes pulcher
Oerstedia dorsalis
Tetrastemma candidum
Tetrastemma flavidum
Tetrastemma helvolum
Tetrastemma melanocephalum
Tetrastemma robertianae
Tetrastemma vermiculus

Hoplonemerteans (Order Hoplonemertea)