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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Scyllarides aequinoctialis (Lund, 1793)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Scyllarides aequinoctialis (Lund, 1793)

Scyllarus aequinoctialis Lund, 1793, Kongelige Danske Videnskabers Selskab Skrifter, (n.ser.) 2(2): 21. Name placed on Official List of Specific Names in Zoology, in Opinion 293 (published in 1954).
Pseudibacus gerstaeckeri Pfeffer, 1881

FAO Names:
Spanish slipper lobster [English]
Cigale marie-carogne [French]
Cigarra español [Spanish]

Local Names:
BERMUDA: Locust lobster, French lobster, Long-tailed crab, Sea crayfish, Sea crawfish, Slipper lobster, Stump
BRAZIL: Lagostim, Cigarra, Fradinho, Lagosta sapateira
CUBA: Langosta de arena, Langosta española, Langostina
GRENADA: Lady crab
JAMAICA: Mother lobster, Turtle lobster
MARTINIQUE: Maman homard, Marie-carogne, Mère homard, Savate
NETHERLANDS ANTILLES: Beerkreeft, Schoenkreeft, Zandkreeft (Dutch; Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao), Kreef zapatu (Papiamentu; Aruba, Bonaire. Curaçao)
ST. THOMAS: Turtle lobster

Spanish slipper lobster (Scyllarides aequinoctialis)