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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Panulirus polyphagus (Herbst, 1793)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Panulirus polyphagus (Herbst, 1793)

Cancer (Astacus) polyphagus Herbst, 1793, Versuch einer Naturgeschichte der Krabben und Krebse, 2: 90, pl. 32.
Palinurus fasciatus Fabricius, 1798
Palinurus polyphagus Bosc, 1802
Panulirus orientalis Doflein, 1900

FAO Names:
Mud spiny lobster [English]
Langouste de vase [French]
Langosta fanguera [Spanish]

Local Names:
BURMA: Kyauk-pazun
INDONESIA: Udang barong
PAKISTAN: Kikat (Sindhi), Kikka (Baluchi)
PHILIPPINES: Banag, Banagan
THAILAND: Kung mangkon
VIETNAM: Tôm hum

Mud spiny lobster (Panulirus polyphagus)