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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Panulirus cygnus George, 1962

Scientific synonyms and common names

Panulirus cygnus George, 1962

Panulirus cygnus George, 1962, Journal Royal Society Western Australia, 45(4): 100, text-figs 1-4, pls 1, 2.
Panulirus longipes cygnus Chittleborough and Thomas, 1969. In the older literature concerning Western Australian lobsters, the present species has often incorrectly been given the name Panulirus longipes (A. Milne Edwards).

FAO Names:
Australian spiny lobster [English]
Langouste d'Australie [French]
Langosta de Australia [Spanish]

Local Names:
AUSTRALIA: Western rock lobster (official name), Western Australian crayfish, Western cray.

Australian spiny lobster (Panulirus cygnus)