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Accepted name: Palinurus elephas (Fabricius, 1787)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Palinurus elephas (Fabricius, 1787)

Astacus elephas Fabricius, 1787, Mantissa Insectorum, 1: 331. Name placed on the Official List of Species Names in Zoology in Opinion 519 (published in 1958).
Cancer elephas Gmelin, 1789
Cancer locusta Wulfen, 1791 (not Cancer locusta Linnaeus, 1758) (= Gammarus locusta ( L. ))
Palinurus quadricornis Fabricius, 1798
Palinurus vulgaris Latreille, 1803
Palinurus locusta Olivier, 1811
Palinurus langusta Rafinesque, 1814 (nom.nud.)
Pagurus maculatus Bowdich, 1825 (not Pagurus maculatus Risso, 1827 ( = Paguristes eremita (L., 1767))
Palinurus marinus Bate, 1868. "(Palinurus) adriaticus, Costa" was cited by Carus (1885: 487) under Palinurus and treated as a good species of that genus. Stephensen (1923: 77) treated "Palinurus adriaticus Costa" as a synonym of P. elephas (which he indicated as P. vulgaris). However, there exists no Palinurus adriaticus Costa, as Costa never described such a species. He did describe Palaemon adriaticus in "Fauna del Regno di Napoli" (Crostacei; Pandalus): 7 in 1844-1847. It is clear that with Palinurus adriaticus Carus really meant Palaemon adriaticus Costa, since he cited textually Costa's diagnosis for that species. It is interesting that Carus (1885: 474) listed Palaemon adriaticus Costa under the species incertae of the genus Palaemon, again with the same diagnosis.

FAO Names:
Common spiny lobster [English]
Langouste rouge [French]
Langosta común [Spanish]

Local Names:
CYPRUS: Astakos
DENMARK: Langust
FRANCE: Langouste, Langouste commune, Langouste europèenne
GERMANY: Languste, Europäische languste, Gemeine languste
GREECE: Astakis
ITALY: Aragosta mediterranea (official name), Aragosta, Aligusta, Arigusta
MALTA: Agusta
MONACO: Lengusta
MOROCCO: Azeffane, Bakhouche, Langouste
NETHERLANDS: Langoest, Hoornkreeft
NORWAY: Langust
SPAIN: Langosta, Llagosta
SWEDEN: Langust
TUNISIA: Jarradh el bahr, Jrad bharr, Sid
TURKEY: Bocek, Beudic
UK: Spiny lobster, Crawfish, Red crab, Sea crayfish

Common spiny lobster (Palinurus elephas)