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Berry and George, 1972

Submarginal posterior groove of carapace much wider medially than laterally. Vestigial pleopods present on first abdominal segment of female.

Type locality: "N.E. of Bazaruto Island", Natal, South Africa, 234 m depth. Holotypefemale in BM, no. 1971:120; 2 paratypes BM, no.1971: 121; 2 paratypes RMNH, nos D 27137 and D27138 (all types in alcohol, condition good).

Geographical Distribution:
Off the east coast of Africa from Kenya to Natal, South Africa.

Habitat and Biology:
Depth range from 216 to 375; on rough substrate with sand and mud.

Maximum total bodylength about 35 cm, carapace length14 cm; average carapace length about 10 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
At present very minor. The species is not fished commercially in most of its range, but according to Ivanov and Krylov (1980: 286) it supports a commercial fishery in Tanzanian waters, where, off Zanzibar, catches of over 10 kg/h were taken by bottom trawls. The animals are mostly marketed fresh.

African spear lobster (Linuparus somniosus)