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Synonym of Jasus edwardsii (Hutton, 1875)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Jasus (Jasus) novaehollandiae Holthuis, 1963

Jasus novaehollandiae Holthuis, 1963, Proceedings Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie Wetenschappen, (C)66: 56.

In the literature prior to 1963 the species was usually indicated as Jasus lalandii, as it was not distinguished from the Cape rock lobster.

FAO Names:
Southern rock lobster [English]

Local Names:
AUSTRALIA: Southern rock lobster (official Australian name), Cray, Red lobster, Southern crawfish, Southern (marine) crayfish, Southern spiny lobster, Tasmanian crayfish, Tasmanian lobster, Melbourne crayfish (name given to the species by the fishmongers; see McCoy, 1887: 142).

Southern rock lobster (Jasus novaehollandiae)