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Macpherson, 1990

Rostrum with two pairs of lateral teeth in basal part. Median groove of rostrum reaching distinctly beyond anterior pair of lateral rostral teeth. The supraorbital spine is followed by a post supraorbital spine. Distance between supraorbital spine and gastric tubercle is half the distance between gastric tubercle and postcervical groove.
Abdomen with dorsomedian carina on second to sixth somites. Anterior margin of pleura of second abdominal somite with one spine in basal half. Exopod of uropod with diaeresis. Telson without mediodorsal spine in basal part.

Type locality: Philippines, 13°53.7'N 119°56.3'E, 865 m. Holotype male, MP no. AS 523.

Geographical Distribution:
Indo-West Pacific: South Africa (Natal), Madagascar, Laccadive Sea, South China Sea, Philippines, Australia (E. of Queensland), Chesterfield Islands, New Caledonia.

Habitat and Biology:
Deep sea between 750 and 1115 m. Muddy bottom.

Carapace length, including rostrum: male 1.5 to 3 cm; female 1.8 to 3.4 cm, smallest ovigerous female 2.6 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
So far none.

The species has often been confused with N. atlantica and most, if not all, records of N. atlantica from the Indo-West Pacific region pertain to the present species.

Grooved lobsterette (Nephropsis sulcata)