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by P. A. Hulley

Small or moderate-sized fishes (to 20-30 cm) of deeper waters, the head and body compressed, eyes small or large. Mouth terminal, jaws extending to or beyond posterior margin of eye; edge of upper jaw formed by premaxillae only; maxillae greatly expanded posteriorly and truncate; supra-maxilla present; teeth small. Dorsal fin origin about above pelvic fin base; anal fin origin well behind vertical through last dorsal finray; pectoral fins well developed, reaching to about anus; pelvic fin origin well behind vertical through pectoral fin base; adipose dorsal fin present. Luminous organs absent on head; photophores present or absent on body.
Benthopelagic over continental and island slopes in tropical and subtropical waters of all oceans; or high-oceanic, bathypelagic in tropical and subtropical waters. Bathypelagic species not exhibiting vertical migration. Size stratification with depth apparent.

Genera 3; in Clofnam area 2.

Recent revisions: Nafpaktitis (1977).

Family Neoscopelidae