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Neogobius lljin, 1927.

Sub-orbital papillae with 7 transverse rows, usually 4 before, and 2 lower parts below, longitudinal row b. No row a. Anterior and posterior oculoscapular and preopercular head canals present. Predorsal area and nape at least partly scaled; cheek naked. Anterior nostril tubular, but with no more than lappet from rim. Pectoral fin uppermost rays within membrane. Pelvic disc complete, anterior membrane sometimes with conspicuous lateral lobes. First dorsal rays Vl. D2 I + 14-18 (13-20); A I + 11-15 (16); P 15-20 (14-21). Scales ctenoid, in lateral series 45-72 (42-75).
Several large Ponto-Caspian species; some have been of commercial importance, especially in Sea of Azov fisheries.

Species in Clofnam area 9.

Recent revisions: Pinchuk (1976, 1977).

Genus Neogobius