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by B. B. Collette

Elongate compressed fishes. Scales small and cycloid. Mouth large with many fine teeth in bands. Adult males develop a bony crest on front of head. Lateral line curved upward above pectoral fin. Dorsal and anal fins very long, continuing almost to caudal fin, without sharp spines or finlets; dorsal fin origin on nape; anal fin origin at or before midpoint of body; pelvic fins fitting into a groove on body; caudal fin deeply forked, without any keels on fin or caudal peduncle. Back a brilliant metallic blue-green in life, fading rapidly to yellowish.
Epipelagic in most warm seas.

Genera 1.

Recent revision: Gibbs & Collette (1959).

Dolphin-fishes, Dolphins (Family Coryphaenidae)