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by J.-C. Quéro

Deep-bodied, sometimes almost rhomboidal fishes, highly compressed, the head moderate, with an occipital crest developed. Eye relatively large, mouth small and protractile, forming a short tube in Capros. Pelvic fin with I + 5 finrays, dorsal fin spines long, anal fin with 3 short spines and 22-34 soft finrays. Vertebrae 21-23. Body covered with small ctenoid scales; no bony plated, bucklers or spines along bases of dorsal and anal fins.
Relatively deepwater fishes from depths of 40 to more than 600 m, adults near bottom, juveniles in midwater; schooling. Feedintg mainly on crustaceans.

Genera 2; both in Clofnam area.

Boarfishes (Family Caproidae)