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Author: (Poey, 1865)

Carcharhnus signatus (Poey, 1865)

Diagnosis: snout noticeably long. Teeth variably serrate, uppers oblique, 45 cusplets on outer edge, serrate on inner margin towards base, tip serrate or smooth on both edges, lowers with narrow serrate cusp. Eyes relatively large. Gill-slits short. First dorsal fin low, triangular; pectoral fins short, slightly falcate; inter-dorsal ridge present. Colour: grey-blue above, white below; eyes green in live specimens. Size: to 280 cm TL, common to 200 cm TL.

Habitat: open ocean at edge of continental shelf and beyond; a deepwater species occurring at depths greater than 200 m, but also taken near surface, mostly at night. Food: primarily fishes, squids. Reproduction: viviparous, up to 18 young born at 55-60 cm TL.

Distribution: possibly in area, but certain records only from near equator. Elsewhere, western North Atlantic.

Night shark (Carcharhinus signatus)