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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Scorpaena loppei Cadenat, 1943

Scientific synonyms and common names

Scorpaena loppei Cadenat, 1943


Scorpaena loppei Cadenat, 1943, Rev. Trav. Off. sci. techn. Pêches Marit., 13: 541, fig. 3 ('Golfe de Gascogne et Côte occidentale d'Afrique'). Two syntypes: MNHN no. 47-2 & 3 (Golfe de Gascogne). Two syntypes: MNHN no. 87-305 & 306 (côte occidentale d'Afrique, 'Talisman'). Two syntypes: MNHN no. 87-307/308 (côte d'Espagne, 'Talisman'). One syntype: MNHN no. 87-310 (côte du Maroc, 'Talisman'). Four syntypes: Mus. Hist. nat. La Rochelle, no. P 797 (Golfe de Gascogne).
Scorpaena loppei: Dollfus, 1955: 67 & 160 Furnestin et al., 1958: 469, fig. 68 Boutière, 1958: 1-83, fig. Dollfus, 1959: 110 Eschmeyer, 1969: 74, fig. 10a Maul, 1976: 56, fig. 33 (Morocco).

Common names:


Scorpaena loppei