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Author: Davy, 1972

Taaningichthys paurolychnus Davy, 1972

Diagnosis: dorsal finrays 12-13 (11); anal finrays 13 (11-14); pectoral finrays 14 (13-15). Gillrakers 3-4 + 1 + 9-10 (8-11), total 13-15 (12-16). Size: to 95 mm.

Habitat: high-oceanic, bathypelagic: deeper than 900 m. No evidence of vertical migration. Food: no data. Reproduction: sexually mature from about 65 mm.

Distribution: rare. Atlantic: subtropical pattern (north subtropical subpattern), near Bermuda, Jamaica and Madeira. Elsewhere: Indian Ocean (at 4° S, 60° E), Pacific (off Philippines; between Hawaii and California between 20° and 37° N); east of 115° W, between 0° and 17° S.

Eggs, larvae and young stages. No data.
Otoliths (sagitta). Davy, 1972: 73, fig. 6C.

Taaningichthys paurolychnus