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Author: Munroe, 1990

Symphurus reticulatus Munroe, 1990

Diagnosis: body fairly deep with rapid posterior taper, greater depth in anterior third of body. Eye relatively large, 12.9 to 18.9% of head; snout 18.2 to 22.1% of head; upper jaw 19.7 to 22.0 % of head. D 88-89, A 74-75, C 12, rarely 13. 101-109 longitudinal scale rows. No smallctenoid scales on blind side, dorsal and anal finrays. Colour: ocular surface dark chocolate brown with alternating, lighter X and Y shaped markings; fins pigmented; blind side without pepperdot pigmentation; peritoneum unpigmented. Size: to 59.9 mm SL.

Habitat: benthic on sand, broken shells, stones and gravel between 5 and 45 m.Food: no data. Reproduction: no data.

Distribution: Eastern North Atlantic off Madeira. Elsewhere St. Helena Island.

Symphurus reticulatus