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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Selene dorsalis (Gill, 1863)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Selene dorsalis (Gill, 1862)


Vomer setapinnis of authors
Selene setapinnis (Mitchill, 1815)
From the synonymy of this species, delete Vomer goreensis Guichenot, 1866 (not 1858: nomen nudum) (holotype: MNHN 2924), Vomer gaboensis Guichenot, 1866 (holotype: MNHN 2928), Vomer senegalensis Guichenot, 1866 (holotype: MNHN 2918) and Vomer dorsalis Gill, 1862. All these four nominal species are synonyms of Vomer dorsalis Gill, 1862, a valid species from the area south to the Clofnam area.
Vomer brownii: Cuvier, 1833 is only pro parte a synonym of Selene setapinnis.

Common names:

African lookdown [En]
Musso africain [Fr]
Jorobado africano [Es]

African lookdown (Selene dorsalis)