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Author: Nielsen, 1969

Meteoria erythrops Nielsen, 1969

Diagnosis: caudal part of body only about 30% SL. Eyes small, black, deeply placed; blunt snout and almost horizontal mouth; dentaries, premaxillaries and vomer with small teeth, fangs not developed. Dorsal finrays 48-50; anal finrays 34-40; pectoral peduncle as long as broad, with 13-15 finrays; pelvic fins absent. Vertebral centra in adults nearly rectangular. Colour: skin transparent, underlying tissues light yellow; red-brown area surrounding the small black-pigmented eyes. Size: to about 70 mm SL.

Habitat: on or near the bottom at bathyal and abyssal depths. Food: no data. Reproduction: probably viviparous.

Distribution: three specimens recorded, two in the area (42°06.3' N, 14°42' W, and 42°54' N, 13°25.1' W). Elsewhere, one just west of the Azores (40°32' N, 35°24' W).

Eggs, larvae and young stages. Nielsen, 1969: fig. 43.
Otoliths (sagitta). No data.

Meteoria erythrops