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Author: (Garman 1899)

Pachycara bulbiceps (Garman, 1899) (Anderson, Peden, 1988)

Diagnosis: body moderately elongate, its depth 5.7-12.7 %SL at anal origin. Head 11.8-15.0 %SL, mouth terminal.Pelvic fin absent. Pectoral fin 8.7-12.9 %SL, broad and rounded, with 16-19 finrays. Preanal distance 34.9-40.1 %SL. Mediolateral line originating posterior to pectoral fin margin. Scales absent on nape. Vertebrae 112-119, 25-31 precaudal. Colour: uniformly dark brown, head and most of pectoral fins darker. Pectoral base pale in some preserved specimens, with irregular gray mottling. Belly and eyes blue in freshly preserved specimens. Peritoneum dark. Size: to 54 cm (525 mm SL) (Anderson, Peden, 1988).

Habitat: benthic on muddy bottom at 2,400-4,780 m Food: no data Reproduction: ripe female caught in September.

Distribution: Porcupine Sea Bight 49° 37' 1" N, 13° 48' 5" W, 3, 990-3, 920 m (Anderson, Peden, 1988), Bay of Biscay (Zugmayer, 1911), West Africa off Cap Blanc 20° 17' 2" N, 21° 42' 3" W, 4,002-4,007m, off Senegal 18° 08'6" N, 23° 11'7" W, 3,120m (Merrett, Marshall,1981, Anderson, Peden, 1988); northwestern Atlantic: off Virginia (Markle, Sedberry, 1978) and Middle Atlantic Bight (Anderson, Peden, 1988), northeastern Pacific from the Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada, to the Panama (Anderson, Peden, 1988; Anderson, 1989).

Pachycara bulbiceps