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Author: (Walbaum, 1792)

Urophycis chuss (Walbaum, 1792)

Diagnosis: coronal fossa on frontals open in front of commissure between supra-orbital canals. First dorsal finrays 10, second dorsal finrays 56-59; anal finrays 51-56. Vertebrae 48-49. 95-117 scales in lateral line and about 7-10 scales between lateral line and first dorsal fin base. Colour: reddish or muddy-brown, belly grey, yellowish or white, lateral line pale. Size: to 130 cm SL, usually less than 75 cm.

Biology: not exactly known because this species was confused with U. tenuis. Habitat: offshore, around 100-130 m, over soft muddy bottoms, immature inshore; seasonal inshore and offshore migrations. Food: small crustaceans and fish. Reproduction: from spring to autumn, commonly early summer.

Distribution: off western Ireland in the area. Elsewhere, western North Atlantic.

Eggs, larvae and young stages. Hildebrandt & Cable, 1938: 614, fig. 123-127, 129, 131,133-135 | Bigelow & Schroeder, 1953: 225, fig. 107-108.
Otoliths (sagitta). No data.

Squirrel hake (Urophycis chuss)