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Synonym of Enchelyopus cimbrius (Linnaeus, 1766)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Rhinonemus cimbrius (Linnaeus, 1758)


Gadus cimbrius Linnaeus, 1766, Syst. Nat., ed. XII: 440 ('Habitat in O. Atlantico, Scanico').
Enchelyopus cimbrius: Schneider, 1801: 50, pl. IX Svetovidov, 1948: 94, fig. 14, pl. II (fig. 2), pl. XXIX, pl. LXVIII (fig. 4) Andriashev, 1954: 146, fig. 71.
Motella cimbrica Nilsson, 1832, Prod. Ichth. Scand.: 48 ('in freto Oeresund').
Motella caudacuta Storer, 1848, Proc. Bost. Soc. nat. Hist., 3: 5 (Long Point, Provincetown, Mass.).
Rhinonemus caudacuta: Gill, 1864g: 241.
Couchia edwardii Couch, 1866, Journ. Linn. Soc. London, Zool., 9: 38 (Moray Firth).
Motella cimbria: Day, 1882,1: 316 pl. LXXXIX (fig. 1).
Onos cimbrius: Smitt, 1893,1: 544, pl. XXVII (col. fig. 2) Sund, in Andersson et al., 1942,1:193 Poll, 1947: 218, fig. 144 Joensen & Taning, 1970: 122.
Gaidropsarus cimbrius: Lozano Rey, 1960: 428, fig. 142.
Rhinonemus cimbrius: Wheeler, 1969: 291, fig.

Common names:

chetyrekhusyi nalim [Ru]
firtrådet havkvabbe [Da]
four-bearded rockling [En]
fyrtrömmade skärlångan [No]
motelle à quatre barbillons [Fr]
vierbärtelige Seequappe [De]
vierdradige meun [Ne]

Four-bearded rockling (Rhinonemus cimbrius)