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Synonym of Eleginus nawaga (Koelreuter, 1770)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Eleginus navaga Pallas, 1814


Gadus navaga Pallas, 1811, Zoogr. rosso-asiat., 3: 196 ('Capitur etiam ad Oceani glacialis oram, usque ad Ob fl. ostia').
Gadus navaga: Smitt, 1893, 1: 481, fig. 119.
Eleginus navaga: Jordan & Evermann, 1898, 3: 2537 (partly) Svetovidov, 1948: 193, fig. 33-35, pl.XV (fig.l), pl.LX, pl. LXXI (fig.6) Andriashev, 1954: 181, fig. 88, 90.
Eleginus navaga navaga: Yessipov, 1941, l5: 144 (White Sea).
Eleginus navaga karaensis Yessipov, 1941, 15: 145 (Kara Sea).

Common names:

morue arctique [Fr]
navaga [Ru]

Eleginus navaga