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Author: (Reinhardt, 1840)

Nansenia groenlandica (Reinhardt, 1840)

Diagnosis: body elongate, its depth about 8-10 times in total length, head about 5 1/2 times. Dorsal fin a little before midpoint of body, adipose dorsal fin present; pectoral fins set on side of body, pre-pectoral distance 4.5-5.5 times in total length; pelvic fins below dorsal fin base; anal fin far back. Scales present; lateral line (no data). Colour: brownish in preserved material; vertical bars on caudal fin in juveniles. Size: to 24.5 cm.

Habitat: mesopelagic beyond the 1,000 m depth curve. Food: no data. Reproduction: probably an extended spawning period, but chiefly in spring and early summer.

Distribution: off southern Iceland eastward and southward to about 35° N. Elsewhere, one record off western Greenland and two from North America to 40° N; perhaps in other areas, but taxonomy not well known.

Eggs, larvae and young stages. Schmidt, 1918: 12, fig. 16.
Otoliths (sagitta). No data.

Greenland argentine (Nansenia groenlandica)