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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Holtbyrnia macrops Maul, 1957

Scientific synonyms and common names

Holtbyrnia macrops (Maul, 1957)


Holtbyrnia macrops Maul, 1957, Bolm Mus. munic. Funchal, 10 (25): 11-14, fig. 1C, 2-3 (off Madeira, from stomach of Aphanopus carbo Lowe). Holotype: MMF no. 6313.
Holtbyrnia (Krefftia) macrops: Parr, 1960: 78-79, fig. 53 Quero, 1970: 271, 274, fig. 10 Geistdoerfer et al., 1971b: 1178.
Holtbyrnia (Kreffia) problematica Parr, 1960, Dana Rep., (51): 79-81, fig. 52c-d, 54-55 ('Rosengarten', SE of Iceland). Holotype: ISH no. 50/11c. only
Searsia schnakenbecki Krefft, 1953b, Zool. Anz., 151(9/10): 259-266, part. (ISH no. 50/11c only).
Holtbyrnia (Krefftia) problematica: Krefft, 1966: 176 Quero, 1969: 2;1970: 269-271, fig. 9.

Common names:

bigeye searsid [En]

Bigeye searsid (Holtbyrnia macrops)