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Author: Abe & Hotta, 1963

Rondeletia loricata Abe & Hotta, 1963

Diagnosis: no bony hook over orbit; supra-temporal and cleithrum with large posterior bony extensions. Snout-anal origin 77-82.4% SL. Gillrakers 4-6 + 13-15. Vertical rows of lateral line papillae 14-19. Colour: orange-brown. Size: to 96 mm (Atlantic) or 110 mm (Pacific).

Habitat: meso- and bathypelagic from 110-at least 1,150 m, probably vertical migrator; shallowest day capture 775 m. Food: amphipod and crustacean remains (Herring, 1976); shrimps (Bast & Klinkhardt, 1990). Reproduction: Sexes seperate (Bast & Klinkhardt, 1990).

Distribution: uncommon. In the area from 37°-58° N (Bast & Klinkhardt, 1990). Elsewhere, between roughly 45° N and 40° S.

Redmouth whalefish (Rondeletia loricata)