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Goodyear, R. H. 1970. A new species of Ataxolepis, a bathypelagic fish from the Gulf of Panama (Pisces, Lampridiformes, Megalomycteridae). Steenstrup. 1 (3):17-20, 1 fig.

Myers, G. S.; Freihofer, W. C. 1966. Megalomycteridae, a previously unrecognized family of deep-sea cetomimiform fishes based on two new genera from the North Atlantic. Stan. Ichthyol. Bull. 8:193-206, 8 figs.

Swinney, G. N. 1991. The first record of fishes of the rare deep-sea family Megalomycteridae (Lampriformes) from the north-eastern Atlantic. J. Fish Biol. 38:839-843, 3 figs.

Largenose fish (Ataxolepis apus)