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Author: Quero, 1974

Hoplostethus cadenati Quero, 1974

Diagnosis: head 34.5-41.5 %SL; eye small, 25-29 % of head. Dorsal spines slender, not much thicker than soft rays. D IV-VI, 12-13, A 11-14, 8-10, P 15-17. 13-16 enlarged scales in abdominal midline, not well developed; scales rough and strongly adherent. LL 25-29. Vertebrae 10-11+14-15:24-26 Colour: body, head and fins dark grey. Size: to 30 cm.

Habitat: occuring near the bottom betweeen 90 and 1000 m depth.Food: no data.Reproduction: no data.

Distribution: Eastern North Atlantic off north Bay of Biscay (Du Buen & Quero,1993) and North- Western Ireland (Quero et al, 1994)

Hoplostethus cadenati