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Author: (Cuvier, 1829)

Sargocentron hastatus (Cuvier, 1829)

Diagnosis: a strong preopercular and two smaller opercular spines. Gillrakers 9 + 14. DXI + 14-15 (usually 15); AIV + 10. Scales spiny, 48-51 in lateral line, 5/8 in transversal line. Colour: in fresh specimens body and fins red; in fresh and preserved specimens about 10 longitudinal stripes and dusky tint on the membrane between the first and third dorsal spines. Size: to 25 cm SL, usually 10-20 cm.

Habitat: inshore waters, close to bottom in depth 50-100 m. Food: benthic. Reproduction: no data.

Distribution: one record off Portugal. Elsewhere, West Africa, from Cape Verde to Angola.

Red soldier fish (Sargocentron hastatus)