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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Pseudophichthys splendens (Lea, 1913)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Pseudophichthys splendens (Lea, 1913)


Pseudophichthys schmitti Hildebrand, 1940

Pseudophichthys latedorsalis Roule, 1915, C.R. Acad Sci. Paris, 160: 283 ('Acores, nord de î'lle Fayal'). Syntypes: MOM.
Myrus pachyrhynchus (non Vaillant, 1888): Vaillant, 1898: 81 (pro parte).
Pseudophichthys latedorsalis: Roule, 1916: 4; 1919: 97, pl. 6 (fig. 4a-c).
Promyllantor latedorsalis: Fowler, 1936: 270, fig. 124.
Pseudophichthys laterodorsalis: Poll, 1953: 143, fig. 57.

Common name:

purplemouthed conger [En]

Purplemouthed conger (Pseudophichthys splendens)