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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Raja rondeleti Bougis, 1959

Scientific synonyms and common names

Raja rondeleti Bougis, 1959


Raja rondeleti Bougis, 1959
Raja rondeleti Bougis, 1959, Vie Milieu, 10 (1): 104-115, fig. 1-5 (NW-Mediterranean). Four syntypes: MNHN no. 98.1249 'R. Sullonica Blainv.'; MZUF, Collection Giglioli, no. 592-1876 'R. fullonica Rond.'. Two syntypes without coll. no in the Laboratoire Arago, Banyuls, France.
Raja fullonica (non Linnaeus): Bonaparte, 1841: Fasc. 30, Punt. 159, pl., fig. la ? Griffini, 1903: 125 Tortonese, 1956: 251-253 (in part), fig. 140 for R. fullonica L. = R. rondeleti.

Common names:

Rondelet's ray [En]
Raie de Rondelet [Fr]
Raya de Rondelet [Es]

Rondelet's ray (Raja rondeleti)