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Author: Stehmann, 1977

Raja (Malacoraja) kreffti Stehmann, 1977

Diagnosis: snout short, its tip only somewhat pronounced; disc heartshaped, outer corners greatly rounded, front margins nearly straight in adult males. Upper surface entirely spinulose with fine, close-set prickles, spinules on midline of body and on tail (including sides) stronger and hooked. Several very small thorns in front and 2 behind each eye; typically, no thorns behind level of shoulder and on tail; dorsal fins confluent; underside spinulose only on edges of tail. Colour: upper surface plain greyish-white; underside the same. Size: probably to about 70 cm TL.

Habitat: benthic (only the male holotype from 1,200 m known). Food: no data. Reproduction: oviparous, but no data.

Distribution: only specimen from the north-western slope of Bill Bailey's Bank (61° 08' N, 11° 26' W).

Krefft's ray (Raja kreffti)