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Author: Maul, 1955

Centrophorus machiquensis Maul, 1955

Diagnosis: upper teeth erect and symmetrical to nearly symmetrical along central part of jaw; lower teeth with finely serrated cutting edges. Inner corner of pectoral fins greatly extended and narrowly pointed. First dorsal fin higher than second dorsal fin. Denticles on sides of body slightly pointed posteriorly, anterior part convex, with 5-8 low ridges converging posteriorly. Colour: upper half of body grey, lower half light creamy-grey. Size: to about 105 cm.

Habitat: benthic, 400 m. Food: no data. Reproduction: no data.

Distribution: off Madeira.

Note: further study may reveal that this species is synonymous with C. granulosus.

Centrophorus machiquensis